Eaton Hill Nature Center & Preserve

The Preserve

Located at the western edge of the magnificent Texas Hill Country and the eastern edge of the rugged Chihuahuan Desert, Eaton Hill Nature Center offers a 37 acre showcase of the incredible flora and fauna of both regions - a unique mix for sure.

Two miles of semi-improved hiking trails wind through an ever-transforming landscape of rocky outcrops, dense oak thickets, scrub-brush, plum and more. Presently, trails and map systems are being evaluated to find suitable locations for interpretive signage. You can find a digital trail map by clicking here.

The stunning acreage offers not only aesthetic appeal, but also a diverse mix of wildlife. Birding enthusiasts will enjoy annual visits from several elusive species including Black-capped Vireos as well as crowd favorites such as the vibrant Painted Bunting and animated Rufous Hummingbirds. Deer - Axis and White-tailed - also call the property home and can frequently be seen grazing along trail edges. Jackrabbits, cottontails, a variety of lizards, frogs and insects round out an impressive array.

Five water features are nestled into and atop hillsides and while some offer hydration to furred and feathered residents, at least one is a private hideaway meant to offer visitors a peaceful place for reflection.

Please click here for a viewable/printable trail map and be sure to sign in at trailhead kiosks during your visit. Trails are open from sunup to sundown everyday. Trails are walking trails ONLY, no horses, bikes, etc. allowed or tolerated on Eaton Hill trails. We do ask that guests take nothing but memories and photographs and leave nothing but footprints.

    Trail System Features

  • Picnic Tables
  • Bird Blinds
  • Designated Wildlife Viewing Areas
  • Re-created Native American Campsite
  • Wildlife Watering Areas
  • 2 Miles of Semi-Improved Hiking Trails

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© 2024 Eaton Hill Nature Center & Preserve
© 2024 Eaton Hill Nature Center & Preserve