Field Trip Opportunities

Eaton Hill's mission is to "inspire curiosity and appreciation for nature through preservation, education and personal discovery" - we LOVE school groups! Are you an educator or group leader who would like to schedule a field trip for your class, organization or club? Eaton Hill Nature Center & Preserve proudly offers 3 different Field Trip opportunities:

Indoor Tour

Indoor Classroom - experience a multitude of tactile and informative natural history exhibits at the Eaton Hill Nature Center.

Outdoor Tour

Outdoor Classroom - experience a true 'living laboratory' outside amid the beautiful 37 acres and trails of Eaton Hill Preserve.

Combo Tours

Experience the best of both the Eaton Hill Nature Center exhibits and the Eaton Hill Preserve acreage with our combination tours.


Planning Your Field Trip

Field Trips must be scheduled at least two full weeks in advance prior to the desired date of arrival. Scheduling will depend on availability, group size and weather.

Eaton Hill Nature Center & Preserve is a 501(c)3 organization; therefore, we do not charge for these Field Trips. However, a donation of $60 per tour is encouraged and appreciated. You can get started scheduling your Field Trip by contacting us through the contact page or by calling 325.387.2615.

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